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The parish of Sibson-cum-Stibbington sits in the northernmost corner of Cambridgeshire, and forms part of Huntingdon District Council

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Archive of Council Minutes from 2006

Minutes 11th January 2017



Minutes of Meeting of the Parish Council was held at The Environment Centre, Stibbington on Wednesday 11th January 2017 commencing at 7 p.m.



Councillor M Beuttell Councillor M Bradshaw Councillor H Facer
Councillor D Price Councillor J Wright Parish Clerk W Gray
Councillor I Turner


  • Councillors were in attendance from 7.00 pm
  • 5 members of the public were also present


Business Discussed

1 Opening of meeting – Cllr Beuttell welcomed everyone to the meeting
2 Apologies for Absence – to receive and accept apologies for absence – District Cllr R Mathews, County Cllr M MacGuire
3 Declaration of Interest in Business to be Transacted – to receive declarations of interest – person and/or prejudicial and the nature of those interests relating to items on the agenda – Cllr J Wright (item 6).
4 Co-option of Councillor:

HDC had confirmed we could co-opt and following advertising Miranda Riddington had applied to fill the vacancy.  Cllr Beuttell proposed, seconded Cllr Bradshaw, all in agreement that Miranda be co-opted onto the Parish Council.  The necessary forms were completed.

5 Public Forum – to allow any member of the public to address the council.  Time limited to 10 minutes:

Water drain outside no. 22 – Cllr Beuttell confirmed workmen were working on some drains today but resident confirmed this drain had not been touched.


Signage – still no news on new signs – Parish Clerk to speak with highways for an installation date.

6 Sibson Garden Village Proposal – Larkfleet:

Cllr Beuttell read out to all present contents of letter from HDC following the government announcement.

7 Minutes of Previous Meeting: Minutes of 2nd November 2016 were approved and signed.
7.1 Matters arising from above minutes:

Quote obtained for paint for Telephone Boxes.  Agreed that we should purchase.

8 Financial Accounts
8.1 Accounts @ 31st December 2016 after payments below taken out:

Community Account – £19,759.28

Business Saver Account – £18,186.05

9 To Authorise the Following Orders for Payment: all undermentioned invoices were approved for payment.
9.1 Wendy Gray (clerk’s salary) – November/December 2016 – £466.66
9.2 Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk expenses – £76.62
9.3 D Knibbs – Litter pick December 2016/January 2017 plus emptying Dog Bins – £390.00
9.4 K & M Lighting – Repairs – £156.00
9.5 X2Connect Ltd – Paint for Kiosks – £309.60
9.6 Stibbington Church, Donation – £750.00


It was unanimously agreed to increase the church donation from £600 to £750.

10 Defibrillator(s):

It was agreed to look into the purchase of 2 machines to be housed in the Telephone Kiosks (one each end of the village and also accessible from the A1).

11 Street Lighting Maintenance Contract:

Contract originally given to Balfour Beatty but they have been unable to come up with a contract despite chasing since last August.  We have found a further contractor K&M Lighting Services Limited who have provided a contract to repair faults etc at a cost of £521.30 ex VAT per annum, if we were to opt for a 3 year contract there would be a 5% discount.  It was unanimously agreed that we would agree a 3 year contract with K&M Lighting Services Limited.

12 Planning Applications:

No new applications received.

13 Painting of Telephone Boxes and Lamp Posts:

Quote to be obtained for repainting Telephone Boxes.

14 Correspondence from residents:

Telephone call from resident re felt to roof of Bus Shelter torn off – agreed to get replaced and make watertight.

15 Traffic Calming and Parking:

Cllr Beuttell with speak with MM to see if anything can be done.

16 General Correspondence:


17 Questions from Councillors:

Roads still flooding – Parish Clerk to write to Charles Simpson (Shailesh Vara’s Manager) to request assistance.

Manhole cover on Elton Road (BT) needs repairing.

18. Reports:

No reports received.

19. Date of Next Meeting:

Wednesday 1st March 2017 commencing at 7 p.m.


Cllr Beuttell thanked everyone for attending.


The meeting closed at 7.35 p.m.

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