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Minutes 6th September 2017



Minutes of Meeting of the Parish Council was held at the Environment Centre, Stibbington on Wednesday 6th September 2017 at 7 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the business detailed below.



Councillor M Beuttell Councillor J Wright Councillor H Facer
Councillor D Price Councillor M Riddington Councillor I Turner
Parish Clerk W Gray


  • County Cllr Simon Bywater and 5 members of the public were also present


Business Discussed

1 Opening of meeting – Cllr Beuttell welcomed everyone to the meeting.
2 Apologies for Absence – to receive and accept apologies for absence – District Cllr R Mathews, Parish Cllr M Bradshaw
3 Declaration of Interest in Business to be Transacted – to receive declarations of interest – person and/or prejudicial and the nature of those interests relating to items on the agenda – None.
4 Chairman’s Statement: the Chairman read out statement to all Cllrs and members of the public present re 12 London Road, Wansford.
5 Public Forum – to allow any member of the public to address the council.  Time limited to 10 minutes:


Signage – no new signs fixed – Parish Clerk to speak with contact at Highways to ask why taking so long to fix new signs?


Drain – still an issue with flooding – Parish Clerk to update AW requesting further attendance to resolve flooding issue.


Church Lane – bumps and drop in road up towards cafe area.


Footpath near the bridge (comes out near car wash) overgrown – Cllr Beuttell will have a look at area.

6 Minutes of Previous Meeting: Minutes of 5th July 2017 were approved and signed.
6.1 Matters arising from above minutes: Drains (Waters Edge) – Cllr Beuttell to speak with Nigel Swaby (Planning) re increased building which will escalate the drain issue.
7 Financial Accounts
7.1 Accounts as at 6.9 2017 i.e. undermentioned payments taken out.

Community Account £23,487.87

Business Saver Account £18,186.05

8 To Authorise the Following Orders for Payment: all undermentioned invoices were approved for payment.
8.1 Wendy Gray (clerk’s salary and tax) – July/August 2017 – £699.99
8.2 Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk expenses – £136.40
8.3 D Knibbs – Litter pick June/July 2017 £270, emptying Dog Bins £240, repainting BT Kiosks £300.
9 Defibrillator(s):

Cllr Beuttell met with company to look at various models.  Cost of defib/connection to electric/signage £1,240 each.  All in agreement for 2 defibs to be purchased.

Note to go in Living Villages asking for books to be removed.

10 Planning Applications:

17/01662/S73 – Variation of condition 7 of Application Reference Number: 16/01635/FUL we are applying to substitute the approved drawings with those attached to this application. Condition to read: The development hereby permitted will be carried out in accordance with the following drawings: HER/2805/SUR/001, HER/2805/PA2/001A, HER/2805/PA2/100B, HER/2805/PA2/200A at Stoneacre Elton Road Wansford – no objections raised.


Hutchinson’s Yard – County Council waiting for Environment Agency to issue permit, once licence granted Fire Officer can come back to check out what is stored on site.  Nigel Swaby (Planning) looking at enforcement and planning issues and is corresponding with CCC agent – key issue is once permit is issued.  Deputy Chief Fire Officer is happy to meet up with residents (via Simon Bywater). 

11 Correspondence from residents: None.
12 Traffic Calming and Parking: urgent repair work scheduled for bridge and A47 dualling, it was agreed hold on putting forward any proposals for traffic calming and parking at this time.
13 General Correspondence:


14 Questions from Councillors:

A47 dualling – will affect Stibbington, 3 options were put forward, 90% opted for northern option, have not taken our views into account.  Wansford Parish Council are pursuing – meeting at Sutton Church on 19th September at 7.30 p.m.


Sulehay Wood entrance – Wild Life Trust – overgrown vegetation, hedges need cutting back as dangerous.  ENC and Wild Life Trust to be contacted and request for area to be cut back.


Pot hole outside MB’s house and T Junction nr bridge i.e. by Stibbington Diner


Entrance to Stoneacre (Gypsy Lane) Fly Tipping

15. Reports: None.
16. Date of Next Meeting:

Wednesday 1st November 2017 commencing at 7 p.m.  


Cllr Beuttell thanked everyone for attending.


The meeting closed at 7.55 p.m.



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