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Minutes Parish Council Meeting 4th May 2016



Minutes of Meeting of the Parish Council was held at The Environment Centre, Stibbington on Wednesday 4th May 2016 following Annual Parish Meeting and Annual General Meeting



Councillor M Beuttell Councillor M Bradshaw Councillor H Facer
Councillor D Price Parish Clerk W Gray


  • Councillors were in attendance from 7.00 pm
  • 4 members of the public and District Cllr R Mathews was also present


Business Discussed

1 Opening of meeting – Cllr Beuttell welcomed everyone to the meeting
2 Apologies for Absence – to receive and accept apologies for absence – Cllrs I Turner and J Wright
3 Declaration of Interest in Business to be Transacted – to receive declarations of interest – person and/or prejudicial and the nature of those interests relating to items on the agenda – None
4 Public Forum – to allow any member of the public to address the council.  Time limited to 10 minutes:

Yarwell Mill – is it going ahead, been on TV


Street Light outside Christie Hall still out – MB will report.

5 Minutes of Previous Meetings: Minutes of 2nd March 2016 were approved and signed.
5.1 Matters arising from above minutes:


6 Financial Accounts
6.1 Accounts @ 30th April 2016 after payments below taken out:

Community Account – £25,735.32

Business Saver Account – £18,186.05

7 To Authorise the Following Orders for Payment: all undermentioned invoices were approved for payment.
7.1 Wendy Gray (clerk’s salary) – March/April 2016 – £466.66
7.2 Wendy Gray – Parish Clerk expenses – £94.46
7.3 A Flatters – Emptying and Disposal of contents of Dog Bins etc – £150.00
7.4 Living Villages Magazine Donation – £120.00
7.5 Paul Taylor – Internal Audit 2015/2016 – £150.00
7.6 D Knibbs – Litter pick April/May 2016 – £240.00
7.7 CAPALC Affiliation Fee 2016/2017 – £199.81
7.8 Christie Hall Rent – £910.00
8 Planning Applications:

16/00611/FUL –Demolition of existing bungalow and construction of new dwelling with vehicular access at 95 Elton Road, Stibbington PE8 6JX – no objections raised.

9 Correspondence from residents: None
10 General Correspondence:

HDC Litter Bins – Parish Clerk to advise that the Parish Council do not have on their asset list so assume they belong to HDC.


HDC Improving Services to our Customers – response to HDC none of colour coded map is down to Parish Council to maintain.


Cllr Bradshaw updated the council on the current situation re rent for the Christie Hall – he will continue to keep us advised of proceedings.

11 Questions from Councillors: None.
12 Reports:

District Cllrs Report – HDC have kept increase in community tax down to zero and hope to keep down for the next 2/3 years (mainly due to having strong leadership).

Plans in hand for shared services, this will hopefully improve efficiency and cut costs.  Plans for devolution only if benefit HDC.

New PCSO Emily Bryant – in charge of all areas, only works part-time, very keen to get to know rural villages.  Many changes in Cambridge and Huntingdon in next 12 months.


Post Office problem now resolved.

13 Date of Next Meeting:

Wednesday 6th July 2016 commencing at 7 p.m.


Cllr Beuttell thanked everyone for attending.


The meeting closed at 8 p.m.


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