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Minutes 7th November 2012



The meeting of the Parish Council was held at The Environment Centre, Stibbington on Wednesday, 7th November 2012.



Councillor M Beuttell Councillor M Bradshaw Councillor I Turner
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk    


  • Councillors were in attendance from7.30pm
  • 2 members of the public were present



Business Discussed


Opening of meeting:  Cllr Beuttell welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies for Absence – to receive and accept apologies for absence – Cllr N Cook and Cllr P Styles



Declaration of Interest in Business to be Transacted – to receive declarations of interest – person and/or prejudicial and the nature of those interests relating to items on the agenda – None


Public Forum – to allow any member of the public to address the council.  Time limited to 10 minutes –

Resident reported burglary (July), PCSO’s had been out but had heard nothing since.


Telephone Notices on A1 no longer telephone in village, suggestion that perhaps signs should be removed.  Parish Clerk will contact Highways Agency with copy to MB, MM and NG.


Would it be possible to have “This is a Speedwatch Area” signs.  Request to be made to PCSO to see if we can get signs.


Street Light – Cllr Bradshaw meeting with company, looking at replacing as soon as possible.


Speeding signs through the village – Cllr Mac McGuire responded to Cllr Beuttell’s request for speeding signs to be placed in certain areas in the village.  Cllr McGuire’s team (Jo Challis) have been asked to liaise with the Parish Council to move this forward.


Vacancy for Councillors:


Two applications were received namely Dagmar Price and John Wright.  Both applicants were co-opted onto the Parish Council at this meeting.


Minutes of Previous Meetings:

Approval of Minutes of Meeting 12th September 2012 – all in agreement that minutes were signed.


Walnut Tree at 2 London Road – understand resident has asked for a quote re lopping.



Financial Accounts:


Accounts @ 31st September 2012:

Community Account  & Business Reserve Account – £33,097.10


To Authorise the Following Orders for Payment:


Wendy Gray (clerk’s salary) net of tax:

September 2012 £136.64

October 2012 £170.80

Payments approved


Cambridgeshire Acre – agreement to pay £120.00 for 5 year membership


Stationery/Postage/Use of Computer:

£49.29  –  payment approved


Precept for 2013/2014: it was unanimously agreed that the Precept would remain as previous year £11,000.




Planning application for the Builders Yard at rear of 24 Elton Road, Wansford re change of use from builders yard and the erection of a detached single storey dwelling has gone to appeal.


Parish Watch:  Cllr Beuttell will be representative for Sibson-cum-Stibbington.



North Huntingdonshire Joint Committee: Cllr Beuttell will be representative for Sibson-cum-Stibbington with Cllr I Turner as reserve.



Correspondence from residents: None



General Correspondence:

HDC forwarded information re “die back disease” copy given to Cllr Turner who is our tree representative.


Magpas – letter asking for support/donations – response to be forwarded not at this time.


Norman’s Cross Area Road Safety Committee – copy to be put on Noticeboards.


Questions from Councillors: None.

Could we write to Yarwell PC to clear back bridleway that leads into Sulehay Woods.


Trees outside Christie Hall – Cllr Bradshaw will ask gardener at next meeting to cut off ivy at bottom of trees which may help to prevent further deterioration.  Parish Clerk to contact HDC Tree Warden for visit (previous visit was postponed).


The meeting closed at 8.10 p.m.



PCSO’s report – 3 items on his report but very vague, Parish Clerk to write to PCSO asking for further clarification to be included on his report in future.



Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 16th January 2013



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