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Minutes 9th July 2014



The Meeting of the Parish Council was held at The Environment Centre, Stibbington on Wednesday, 9th July 2014 at 7.30 p.m.



Councillor M Beuttell Councillor R Cawood Councillor N Cook
Councillor M Bradshaw Councillor D Price Councillor I Turner
Wendy Gray, Parish Clerk


  • Councillors were in attendance from 7.30 pm
  • 4 members of the public were also present


Business Discussed

1 Opening of meeting – Cllr Beuttell welcomed everyone and declared the meeting open.
2 Apologies for Absence – to receive and accept apologies for absence – Cllr J Wright
3 Declaration of Interest in Business to be Transacted – to receive declarations of interest – person and/or prejudicial and the nature of those interests relating to items on the agenda – Cllr Cook Planning Application 1400965FUL – Cllr Beuttell asked that when we get to this item on the agenda that Cllr Cook leave the meeting room.
4 Public Forum – to allow any member of the public to address the council.  Time limited to 10 minutes:Confirmation that bollards (metal) are to be replaced in a couple of weeks time .


Discussion re hatching – residents felt no one would park incorrectly and requested that Parish Council ask highways if hatching could be burnt off.

5 Minutes of Previous Meetings: Minutes of 7th May and 4th June 2014 were approved and signed.
5.1 Matters arising from above minutes:Flooding – Cllr Beuttell confirmed that highways had been out to clear the drains (had seen them) but there were still problems with flooding.  Cllr Beuttell will speak with highways again.


Bus Shelter Area – it was discussed what to do with this area now old bus shelter had been removed – Parish Clerk to get contractor to look at area with a view to cleaning up and maintaining and once cleared placing large tub filled with flowers which can be maintained during the year.


Seat on Allotments – area around seat has been cleared but seat is in a state of disrepair.  Parish Clerk to ask contractor if he can re slat.


Sibson Aerodrome – Cllrs Beuttell and Turner had visited site, complaint forms obtained for residents to fill in – Cllrs to make another visit to site asap.

6 Financial Accounts
6.1 Accounts @ 30th June 2014:Community Account – £14,620.66

Business Saver Account – £18,167.74

7 To Authorise the Following Orders for Payment: all undermentioned invoices were approved for payment.
7.1 Wendy Gray (clerk’s salary) – May/June 2014 – £433.32
7.2 Wendy Gray (clerk’s expenses) – £79.75
7.3 A Flatters – Emptying and Disposal of contents of Dog Bins etc – £90.00
7.4 CAPALC Affiliation Fee – £161.00
8 Payments made since last meeting: None
9 Planning Applications received and commented on since last meeting: None
10 Planning Application (New):1400965FUL – Swimming Pool plant room and store at 113 Elton Road, Stibbington PE8 6JX – The entire Parish Council feel that this pool house is too large for the property and has real impact on the site.  The planning application has gone in as retrospective – we note there is no mention of a wall on the plans which has already been built; the building is incongruous to the street scene.


1400888FUL – Proposed two storey rear extension at Riverside Cottages, Great North Road, Stibbington PE8 6LR – Parish Cllrs to view before making comment.

11 Correspondence from residents: None
12 General Correspondence:Document on Rules and Regulations re Parachuting – Cllrs Beuttell and Turner to read before going back to aerodrome for another visit.

North Hunts Community Care Scheme – information to be put on noticeboards and website.

HDC re Waters Edge – originally could not occupy for 365 days a year.  Have come to an agreement that land will have appreciated in value, donate £140,000 to HDC which is going to be used for the good of the public and in public ways i.e. Cllr Beuttell advised (Nene Valley Railway).  Cllr Beuttell has asked for £25,000 for possibility of investing in piece of land for the benefit of the village. 

13 Questions from Councillors: None
14 Reports:PCSO Report received.


Cllr Beuttell reported land at rear of cottages on Elton Road (not on website yet) but apparently land is going to be cleared.  The land has been cleared and looks better and understand is going to be used for scouting activities. 

15 Date of Next Meeting: Cllr Beuttell made the proposal that future meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month and commence at 7 p.m.  All Cllrs were in agreement to this change. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 2nd September 2014 commencing at 7.00 p.m.


The meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.


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