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Note from your PCSO

I think I probably know a lot of people in the village but for those of you that I have not met I am PCSO Barry Chamberlain and I work out of Yaxley Police  Office. We are not a station but as stated an Office. I have covered your area for over ten years and have always worked closely to and been supported by your Parish Council who I can assure you always have  the village interests at heart. I am here to support you as are all that work for Cambridgeshire Constabulary. We cannot win the fight against crime without your help and  assistance. Please report any Crimes/Incidents to us, if the crime is taking place at the time please ring 999 if not please ring 101.  You can always get hold of me on my mobile 07921094828 but I must stress always ring crimes or incidents through firstly on either 999 or 101 as I might be off duty or dealing with other things but please ring me after if unsure whether it’s a police matter or another agency, I will always advise you. You are our Eyes and Ears.  Suspicious Vehicles please report these getting Colour, Make and Registration No. if posible. I would rather receive a dozen calls re suspicious vehicles and find 11 are ok, it’s the 12th that interests me, please never think you are wasting my time you are not, you are helping me help you.  I shall be attending the annual general meeting of your parish council, please come and talk to me if you are attending. I have not got the answer for everything but I will help where I can .

Thank you for taking the time to read the above.

PCSO Barry Camberlain 7025  Cambridgeshire Constabulary

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