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Parish Council Minutes 5th January 2011

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 Minutes 5th January 2011 (Click here to download as a Word document)

The meeting of the Parish Council was held at The Environment Centre, Stibbington onWednesday, 5th January 2011at7.30pm.



Councillor P Gatheral Councillor P Styles  
Councillor N Cook Councillor I Turner  
Councillor M Bradshaw Councillor M Beuttell  Mrs S Kudlinski (Clerk)


  • Councillors were in attendance from7.30pm
  • 4 members of the public were present


The Chairman, Cllr Gatheral opened the meeting, at7.30pm.


Business Discussed

105 Apologies for Absence – to receive and accept apologies for absence

Councillor A Coe – extended family holiday

New clerk – Mrs W Gray due to family circumstances.

106 Declaration of Interest in Business to be Transacted – to receive declarations of interest – person and/or prejudicial and the nature of those interests relating to items on the agenda.

None declared.

107 Public Forum – to allow any member of the public to address the council.  Time limited to 10 minutes

  • Speeding along Elton Road.  Unlikely that there will ever be 50mph limit on this section of road.  However speed watch training to take place on 15/1/11.  Information if needed from Cllr P Styles.
  • Streetlight removal 9/11/09still not replaced.  Cllr M Beuttell to chase whereabouts of bracket that was removed.  Length of time this was taking was queried.  Cllr Gatheral explained how local government worked and time issues.
  • Notice boards were discussed.  Again amount of time this was taking to arrange was noted.



P Styles




M Beuttell

108 Approve Minutes of Meeting –  3rd November 2010

                                              25th November 2010 (planning)

                                              14th December 2010 (planning)

All present agreed that the three sets of minutes were a true record of each meeting.

109 Review Actions from Meeting

  • Appointment of new clerk and pay scale point.  Mrs W Gray to start at the SCP16 as she is already paid at this point by another parish council.  This will be renegotiated once she is qualified.  Salary point SCP 16 was agreed by all present to be starting point at which new clerk was to be paid.
  • Frequency of meetings to be discussed and decided.  Correspondence received – how should this be distributed and when?  This is to be an agenda item for next meeting so that the new clerk can agree arrangements.
  • Flooding on slip road on to A1.  Although no correspondence received this does appear corrected.
  • Street light bracket removed fromElton Rd.  See public forum above.
  • Road sweeping – frequency alongElton Road.
  • White lines alongElton Rd– due to bad weather this work has not been carried out.  CCC Highways to complete as soon as possible.
  • Parish Watch meeting9/9/10– Cllr Gatheral














Accounts @  31st December 2010   community account


                                                  Business premium account



110.2 To Receive ‘Budget Vs Spent’ Report – available at the meeting.  This was discussed.  
111 To Authorise the following Orders for Payment (Cllr Gatheral):  
111.1 Mrs S Kudlinski (Clerk’s Salary for  Nov and Dec 2010 £207.10 less £41.42 tax )


S111 Local Government Act 1972
111.2 Inland Revenue (Tax for the Clerk)


S111 Local Government Act 1972
111.3 Suffolk Acre (Insurance)


S111 Local Government Act 1972
111.4 Mrs S Kudlinski (working from home allowance)


S111 Local Government Act 1972
111.5 CCC – streetlights (maintenance and electricity) – amount to be confirmed

Approx  £1200



All present agreed that the above payments were in order.

112 Planning  
112.1 New Applications These will be on view to the public from 7.30pm Town & Country Planning Act 1990 Sched 1 Para 8
  Name Address Work Planned Planning Ref Recommendation  
112.1.1 Mr R Broughton 11 Old Great North Road


Proposed kitchen/dining extension 1001961FUL Recommend approval as the proposal is in keeping with everything else at the property.


113.1 Correspondence requiring Council’s Attention  









N W Hunts Neighbourhood Forum 19 January,SawtryInfant School.  Notices had been put on the notice boards.  Information only.  No one able to attend.

Hunts DC – street naming and numbering.  Information only.

Hunts DC – Flood Forum –3 March 2011.  No one available to attend.

CCC – street lighting maintenance and energy April 2011 onwards.  Information only.  No action necessary at present.  Clerk had informed CCC that the street light listed as PC13 had been removed in November 2009 and so should not be charged for.

CCC – potential diversion of bridleway 5.   CCC still awaiting permission from one landowner affected by proposal.

113.2 Other Correspondence  











CPALC – AGM minutes.  Information only.

Hunts DC Local Development Framework – Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment papers.  All copied to disk.  Information only.

NALC – The Localism Bill.  Information only.

Prayers at council meetings.  Information only.

CCC – winter service and the Localism Agenda – opportunities for 3rd party working.  Information only.

Cambridgeshire Acre – correspondence.  Information only.

Cambs Community Services – NHS – consultation on becoming a NHS Trust.  Information only.

Wildlife Training Workshops.  Information only.

114 Questions from Councillors  
115 Reports  
115.1 Crime Report  
116 Any Other Matters (Information/Questions Only – No Decisions)

  • Christie Hall rent review – meeting to be held on13/1/11.  Proposal to increase rent from £2315 to more than £4500.  Cllr P Styles has written to British Legion.  Cllrs Styles and Bradshaw to report back following13/1/11to next parish council meeting.
  • Letter received regarding trees on a property in Wansford.  This should be addressed by Wansford PC.
  • Village plan – Cllr Gatheral to speak to chair of Wansford PC to see if Wansford PC interested in drawing up a joint plan.




P Styles and M Bradshaw




P Gatheral

117 Date of Next Meeting  
  Wednesday, 2nd March 2011 at7.30pm  



These Minutes will be put to the Council for approval as a true record on Wednesday, ?????                                                                                                              2011 and any changes put forward at this time will be included in these subsequent minutes.





The Clerk can be contacted in the following ways:


By Post –


By email –


By Telephone –



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